Desires/needs of the hOURS program


1) Money: Hours or dollars.  Everything else on this list can be obtained with money, so this is kind of obvious.  Hours may work in some cases, though dollars have greater utility – at least for now. :)  Contact us for details of payment methods.  One possibility is to go through our fiscal sponsor.  They’ll take 10%, but that makes it tax-deductible for you.

      1a) Someone to buy an ink cartridge from us.  We blew $33.04 on an Epson ink cartridge meant for CASHour printing and now no longer needed.  It’d be nice not to take a loss on this if someone can use it.  It’s an S020191/S020089 color cartridge.

      1b) Grant writing.

2) Publicity: hOURS works on “the more the merrier” principle.  Obviously currencies have greater utility the more people there are willing to use them.  What resources might you have in this regard?  Are you involved with (or know someone who’s involved with) the media, a newspaper, radio/tv station…?  What about organizations who might mention hOURS to their membership?  Do you know any businesses that would like to use hOURS?  Small stuff is nice too.  Do you have a friend who’d be interested?  Do you know a good place to put a flyer?

3) Ink cartridges that fit a Lexmark Z32 printer: So we can do our own desktop publishing.

4) Graphic design: Mostly we could use some expertise regarding the use of scanners and printers; handling computer-based images.

5) Computer help: Every now and then issues come up.  Currently, for example we have questions about the use of a program called “sendmail”.

6) Photocopying: To produce large quantities of flyers, but also, this would enable us to put out a snail-mail newsletter – good for staying in touch with hOURS members who don’t use the internet.  Of course, for that we’ll also need…

7) Stamps