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hOURS is a trading system that builds community and gives people increased opportunity to utilize their skills.  It forges interpersonal relationships and enhances our quality of life.  Communities that use it get enriched, as underutilized resources see the light of day.

Kim tills the soil in Paulís garden.

Paul helps Diane paint her house.

Diane builds a solar water heater for Felicia.
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Felicia prepares the food for Samís big party.

Sam feeds and walks Mariaís dog while sheís away.

Maria cuts Chris's hair.

Itís not bartering, but rather an alternative form of money, which allows a slew of useful activities to occur.   Under barter, for Kim to till Paulís garden, Paul must have something Kim wants directly in exchange.  Or, we could coordinate the big circular trade written here in orange - but with hOURS we need not do either...
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Testimonials and related links Using the hour as a unit of money gets us past that.  Dollars could be used, but they are in short supply and frequently not available for such. Chris fixes Patís bicycle.

Pat does Ronís taxes.

Ron gives Kim violin lessons...

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...and what goes around comes around.

There are no printed notes, like with dollar bills.  When services are performed, the parties involved log such on the website.  One account gets debited, and the other credited for the time spent.  Goods can be traded as well, and businesses can get involved.   There are many, many possibilities.  This can solve economic problems that stem from a lack of money and credit, as well as many other social problems.  Sign up today!

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